Nursing home administrators

Nursing home administrators plan, organize and direct the operations of nursing homes
or other long-term care facilities.
Nursing home administrators:
• direct medical, nursing and technical personnel and fiscal management activities.
• maintain and develop standards, policies, programs and operating procedures.
• direct fiscal operations, such as budgeting and accounting, and establish rates
for services.
• direct employee hiring and training.
• compile, analyze and prepare reports.
• speak at community gatherings and conduct public relations and marketing
• meet with families of individuals seeking admittance to a nursing home.
Most nursing home administrators work in a nursing home; others may work in the
business offices of a large nursing home corporation that manages several facilities.
They are accountable to a proprietor or governing board. Some administrators also
may be involved in teaching, research or other professional activities.

Average Salary Range
$48,000 – $66,000
Educational Requirements
Students intending to pursue a career as a nursing home administrator should prepare by taking the most challenging high school courses available in science, math, business and English. In most States, licensed nursing home administrators must hold a bachelor’s degree or higher in nursing home administration or in a health administration field. They also must have completed a 400-hour program in nursing home administration and a twopart exam. Some nursing home administrators also are trained as physicians, registered or licensed practical nurses or allied health professionals. Nursing home administrators also can qualify by successfully completing an Administrator-in-Training (AlT) program as specified by the certifying board. The 2,000-hour program must be completed in 24 months and a two-part examination must be completed successful