Pharmacy technicians

Pharmacy technicians assist in mixing and filling prescriptions and maintaining stock levels. They work under the direction and close supervision of pharmacists.
Pharmacy technicians:
• fill prescriptions with prepared drugs and compound sterile intravenous
solutions (under the supervision of a pharmacist).
• mix pharmaceutical preparations under the direction and supervision
of pharmacists.
• package and label drugs, chemicals and other pharmaceutical preparations.
• order and stock supplies and maintain inventory.
• compute drug charges.
• deliver prepared medications.
• clean equipment and work areas.
• sterilize bottles, beakers and other glassware according to prescribed methods.
• greet and assist patients and other healthcare professionals.
• gather and input data using a computer.
Pharmacy technicians usually work in large hospitals or retail pharmacies in the community, as well as pharmaceutical companies, federal and state institutions,and mail order pharmacies

Average Salary Range
$14,000 – $28,000
$8 – $25 per hour
Educational Requirements
Students intending to pursue a career as a pharmacy technician should prepare by taking challenging high school courses in science, math and English. A required national certification exam is offered by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board. Because pharmacy technicians deal
with controlled substances, they may be required to undergo background checks. Applicants without prior experience or training may be required to pass a test to determine if they have the necessary aptitude to learn the job. Some typing may be required.